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Visual journalism

I’ve got to keep this short and sweet, unfortunately, as my Race, Gender and Media class begins in 20 minutes!

Nonetheless, today I realized how much I’ve neglected this lil’ Internet nook of mine. I just want to quickly share my love of the New York Times’ Lens blog, which is a diverse collection of some of the finest modern photojournalism.

This post is a showcase of 2009’s best visual journalism. The first picture in the series, titled “From the rooftops of Tehran, June,” was named World Press Photo of the Year for 2009. Indeed, it is an incredible photograph–not just for its framing and beautiful editing, but for the message it portrays. To me, this is what photojournalism is all about.

Quotations pulled from Lens about “From the rooftops of Tehran, June”:

What we were really touched about is that this image in some way represents how a big story begins and how protest begins,” said Ayperi Karabuda Ecer, the vice president of pictures at Reuters and chairwoman of the jury.

“There is no big event going on,” she said, “but you still sense that there is something very particular and quite desperate in these lonely little people of the picture fighting something that you feel is much bigger. And we thought, as a jury, that it was very symbolic of how you can actually add layers to news and how you can view events differently from what we are used to.”

I highly recommend checking out this incredible photo set, and the entire Lens blog in general. Wonderful, wonderful stuff.


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Hello, world!

Bear with me as I get this thing up and running.

Much love.

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