Screen Grabs

These are examples of some great centerpieces from different newspapers across the country.


This centerpiece is from West Hawaii Today, and I really like all the colors in the picture. The red Chinese characters to the left of the text really bring out the reds, oranges and golds in the photograph. The font of the headline complements the story without being too cutesy. Here is the centerpiece in perspective:


This is from the Independent Record in Montana. I like how the photograph is the first thing you see in this story. The colors of nature are vibrant but serene, and the silhouettes of the people add perspective and depth. With the headline beneath the picture, it allows the reader to take in the photo first. The headline describes the picture more than the story itself, but it nonetheless pulls the reader in and makes them wonder what the story is about. The subhead is more descriptive of the story, which I think is a nice addition to a more poetic headline. Here is the centerpiece in perspective:


This centerpiece is from the Lexington Herald-Leader. The thick black outline around the story entails that it is a serious story, usually dealing with death. In this case, the story is about the anniversary of a tragic school bus accident. The white pull-quote draws the reader in to the grave scene portrayed in the black and white photograph. The white headline paired with the black subhead is a nice contrast, and they both complement the picture above. I found this centerpiece to be aesthetically pleasing but appropriate for the story at hand. Here is the centerpiece in perspective:


This one is from The Macon Telegraph in Georgia. I think it’s a cool topic for a front-page centerpiece, and I also really like the high contrast photographs. The bright red in the first photograph really draws the reader in and down into the picture, and then into the big, catchy headline. Here is the centerpiece in perspective:


This is from The Greeley Tribune. Admittedly, it’s somewhat cheesy, but so am I. The old photographs are a cute representation of four generations of couples. I also like the idea that a local family story like this can be a front-page centerpiece. The dark brown/light brown stripes in the background are a nice way to set off the story from the rest of the page, and they also complement the sepia tone of the pictures. Here is the centerpiece in perspective:


I thought this piece from The News Journal in Delaware was a good representation of a headline working well with the design/layout of the story. The graphic really grabs the reader with its off-center framing and bright colors. The headline is a really nice play on words, and I actually had to read it a couple times to get it. The aesthetics of this story really made me want to read it in its entirety, and as the topic of this story is actually really interesting, I was not disappointed. Here is the centerpiece in perspective:

All of these screen grabs were taken from Today’s Front Pages at Newseum.


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