Magazine Design

Here is an example of a magazine layout I did for an AP story on the gardens of Alcatraz:

The third page of this layout is a bit unconventional, I know. Yet, I was so tired of trying the same things over and over again when it came to my designs. With this page, I tried to harness the movement and position of the people in the photographs (which are AP images, by the way) in order to guide the reader’s eyes into the text. Here it is:

Here is a link to the .pdf file, for easier reading (albeit in no particular order):


This next one was my final project for advanced editing, and it’s a story on a Texas hospital’s prom for renal dialysis teenagers.

Here is a .pdf file for easier reading:

Renal Dialysis Prom

If I were to promote this story online, I would use the following refers:

Web Package Promo

Blurb Promo

Tweet Promo


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